I would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help in this project.


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission for permission to use their database and expertise.

The Headteacher of New Cumnock Primary School, for access to the plaques.

The Minister and the Kirk Session of New Cumnock Parish Church for access to the plaque and cross.

Burial Administration Dept., East Ayrshire Council for help in locating some of the burials.

The Cumnock Chronicle for access to their archive.

Anne Geddes and Archie Connell at the Burns Memorial Centre, Kilmarnock, for their help.

Robert Hart, Cumnock, for the photographs of the dedication of the Bank School memorial, village war memorial and the montage.

Mr Robert Guthrie for links to his New Cumnock website

Marc Houle of the National Archives of Canada

James Brown at Ayrshire's Towns and Villages in the Great War 1914 - 1918/19

All the folk at the "In From The Cold Project" for their help in getting our "lost" soldiers recognised.

George Sanderson, author, of Penicuik, Midlothian for taking the time to talk to me and do a bit of research on my behalf.

My wife for help, advice and support and the people of the village who gave me help and pointed me in the right direction.


The following sources were also of great help

New Cumnock, Long Ago and Far Away, by George Sanderson, published by Geddes Printers, Irvine

New Cumnock, Far and Away, by George Sanderson, published by Geddes Printers, Irvine,1992

Public War Memorials of Ayrshire, compiled by Irene J R Hopkins and held at the Burns Memorial Centre, Kilmarnock

Ayrshire Public War Memorials - photographs and written descriptions, held at the Burns Memorial Centre, Kilmarnock

Pre 1918 Gravestone Inscriptions from Cumnock and Doon Valley, Volume 3, held at the Burns Memorial Centre, Kilmarnock

The website of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment

The following websites provide related and interesting material as you would expect, this website deals with the First World War - a veritable treasury of information. this is a compendium of war memorials and other related sites. shows pictures of New Cumnock old and new

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