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Pte James Galbraith / Pte Andrew Houston / Rogerson Bros. / Pte Wm Sharp / Pte Alex. Stephens / L Corp George Walker / CSM James Young DCM / Pte David Kerr

Pte James Galbraith

Pte Galbraith's "in memoriam" bookmark comes from the estate of the late Andrew Houston and is courtesy of Mrs A Copland, New Cumnock

Sweet memories of Jim


In Loving Remembrance of
Our Dear Son

James Galbraith

Who fell in action in
on the 14th day of October 1916
Aged 23 years

"Until the day breaks and the shadows
flee away"

Home at last, thy labour done,
Safe and blest the victory won;
Jordan passed, from pain set free,
Angels now have welcomed thee.

Meet me there! Oh meet me there!
No bereavements we shall bear;
There no sighings for the dead,
There no farewell tear is shed,
we shall safe from all alarms,
Clasp our loved ones in our arms,
And in Jesus' glory share -
Meet me there; yes, meet me there


Pte Andrew Houston

This material comes from the estate of the late Andrew Houston courtesy of Mrs A Copland, New Cumnock
These postcards chart Andrew's progress from enlistment at Ayr to training camp at Nigg

Dated 24/9/1915 - sent to Mrs James Houston, Pathhead, New Cumnock from Ayr
"We are off to Perth with the 2 o'clock train will write later. We are in the Black Watch. Andrew"

Date unknown - sent to Mrs James Houston, Pathhead, New Cumnock, Ayrshire
"Dear Mother just a PC to say I am well this is instead of a letter and will write on Sunday Andrew
Dated 14/2/1916 - sent to Mrs James Houston, Pathhead, New Cumnock from Nigg
"Dear Mother you might tell Tib that I was looking for a post card to send her but I could not find a good one so that she will not be ill pleased. Still standing by for the draft and wearying to get away
AH "

These photos show friends of Andrew's, possibly from the 2nd Black Watch. They are, sadly, unnamed.


Lance Corporal Alex Rogerson and Pte Geo. Rogerson

The following bookmarks were recovered from a family bible by Mr Ian Hunter, Birmingham. The bible belonged to a relation in Closeburn, Dumfriesshire. The Rogerson family lived near there before moving to New Cumnock.


In Commemoration of the
Loving Memory of
No. 6415
2nd Battalion Black Watch
Aged 19 Years
Who was Killed in Action in
the Persian Gulf
April 22nd 1916
whilst serving with the
Indian Expeditionary Force
in the great European War

The fairest flower from our garden has
So short lived was his joy
But his golden crown he nobly wore -
Our son, our darling boy
His heart was good, his spirit brave
His resting place a soldier's grave

From Sorrowing FATHER, MOTHER

Southhampton House
New Cumnock


In Commemoration of the
Loving Memory of
No 43228
1st Batt. Cameronian Scottish Rifles
Aged 21 Years
Killed in Action in France
September 22nd 1916
whilst serving with the
British Expeditionary Force
in the great European War

For two brave sons so young and fair
Now hath passed from earthly care
God himself their souls shall keep
Giving his beloved sleep
Shall we all meet in the morning
On the shores of the bright crystal sea
Where our loved ones have long been waiting
What a meeting indeed it will be

They miss them most who loved them best

From Sorrowing FATHER, MOTHER

Southhampton House
New Cumnock


Lance Corporal George Walker

The following postcards were sent by L Corp. George Walker to his sister Bessie at the Afton Buildings, New Cumnock.

This view of the Grand Place, Bethune was sent on the 12th June 1916, from Field Post Office T 33 and headed "On Active Service". It simply states that he arrived back safely but it was a bit rough coming over. It is also stamped "Passed by Censor 2442"

The following two cards have no postmark, simply family messages. They must have been sent in envelopes.

Courtesy of Mrs I McHattie,New Cumnock

Pte Wm. Sharp

Pte W Sharp's Memorial Plaque courtesy of
David McDonald, Netherthird

Pte Alexander Stephens

Pte Stephens' memorial plaque comes courtesy of the Love family, New Cumnock

Alexander Stephens was born in 1888 in Lybster, Caithness. While he was still a child, his mother, Alexandrina Sutherland, moved to Cumnock to take up domestic service in Dumfries House. Alexander stayed with his Grandmother in Lybster. His mother later married John Nisbet from New Cumnock and had a further four children. They lived at 91, Connelpark.

As an adult, Alexander travelled to Australia and in 1915 he enlisted and was assigned to the 28th Infantry Bn. (Western Australia). He fought in Gallipoli and France being killed at Pozieres Ridge during the Battle of the Somme on Saturday the 29th July 1916.

He is not mentioned on the village war memorial or that of Lybster.

CSM James Young DCM

1914 - 1915 Star
(with the Victory Medal ribbon)
The Victory Medal
(with the British War Medal ribbon)

At the time of writing (April 2007), the museum curator at the Baird Institute is trying to trace CSM Young's missing medals and reunite the Victory medal with it's ribbon.

The three medals - Star, War and Victory were known colloquially as "Pip, Squeak and Wilfred" after cartoon characters of the time and would have looked like

1914 -1915 Star
The War Medal
The Victory Medal

CSM Young does not appear on any of the village war memorials but appears on the Kilmarnock one as the family originally came from there. He died at sea opn the 29th January 1918 (valvular disease of the heart) while being repatriated on a hospital ship.He sustained wounds to his face during the 2nd battle of Gaza and is remembered on the Chatby Memorial, Alexandria, Egypt. He was the brother of Mr David Young, 51, Connel Park. At the time of his death, he was Acting Regimental Sergeant Major 1/4th RSF. He was an old soldier and served during the Boer War. After the death of his wife, he spent his leaves with his brother at 51,Connel Park and was well known in the village. His memorabilia are courtesy of his great nephew Mr Alan Davidson, Cumnock

Pte David Kerr's 1914 - 1915 Star

David Kerr was born on May 17th, 1886 in Mansfield Village, New Cumnock and his parents were David Kerr and Elizabeth McGregor. The family moved to Muirkirk and then to the Fife coalfield where he married Mary Simpson on January 29th, 1909 in Cardenden.

Mary was born on March 28th, 1888 in Auchterderran and her parents were James Simpson and Jane Ogilvie Kininmonth.

Private Kerr died in the Battle of Loos in 1915 and never received this service medal, which was issued in 1918. It would mean a lot to my late grandfather, James Eadie (1825 - Royal West Kent) and myself if this medal could be returned to a member of his family.

Photographs and information courtesy of Donald Bennett, Toronto, Canada


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