World War 1
France and Flanders

The men from New Cumnock fought and died in most of the theatres of war from the frozen wastes of Archangel in the North to the desert heat of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) in the South, from the Western Front, through the Balkans and Gallipoli to the Suez Canal and Palestine. One is even buried in Madras, India.

Many of the regions mentioned above are, today, still remote and dangerous to visit. However, the Western Front area of France and Flanders is accessible and easy to visit. The intention is to record as many of these sites as possible to remember the men of our village.

On this page you can visit cemeteries and memorials in France and Flanders.


Cemeteries and Memorials visited include

Arras (Faubourg D'Amiens) / Aubigny Comm. Cemy. Ext. / Bac Du Sud Brit. Cemy. / Bois Carre Brit. Cemy. Thelus / Buzancy Military Cemy. / Cabaret-Rouge Brit. Cemy. Souchez / Canadian Cemy No. 2 Neuville St Vaast / Chapelle Brit. Cemy. Holnon / Courcelette Brit. Cemy. /
Dantzig Alley Brit. Cemy. / Delville Wood Cemy. Longueval / Flatiron Copse Cemy. Mametz / Foncquevillers Military Cemy. /
Gezaincourt Comm. Cemy. Ext. / Gorre Brit. and Indian Cemy. / Guards Cemy., Windy Corner, Cuinchy / Le Touret Memorial /
Lillers Comm. Cemy. /
Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemy. / Lonsdale Cemy., Authuile / Loos Memorial (Dud Corner) /
Louverval Memorial, Cambrai / Meaulte Military Cemy. / Moeuvres Brit. Cemy. / Philosophe Brit. Cemy. / Pozieres Memorial /
Puchvillers Brit. Cemy. / Sailly- Labourse Comm. Cemy. / St Hilaire Cemy. Ext., Frevent / St Pol Comm. Cemy. Ext. /

Tank Cemy., Guemappe
/ Thiepval Memorial / Villers-Faucon Comm.Cemy. / Vimy Memorial / Vis en Artois Memorial /
Wancourt Brit. Cemy. / Warloy Baillon Comm. Cemy. Ext. /

Arras Memorial and Cemetery (Faubourg D'Amiens)

Photo by Mrs. Eliz. Bain

S/16489 Lance Cpl
G Walker
Cameron Highlanders
3rd April 1917 Age 26


Also In Memory Of
4076 Pte John Walker
Killed At The Persian Gulf
22nd April 1916

The walls of the memorial are filled with panels on which are carved the names of those soldiers for whom there is no known grave. Among them from New Cumnock are

Pte David Brown, 16035, 6th King's Own Scottish Borderers, 3rd May 1917
Trooper William Dowie, 1933, Scots/Life Guards, 11th April 1917
Pte Thomas Kilpatrick, 14765, 2nd Scots Guards, 26th March 1918
Pte Richard Telfer, S/21911, 6th Cameron Highlanders, 26th April 1916
Lance Corporal David Trotter, 11804, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers, 3rd May 1917
Pte David Turnbull, 260081, 5th Gordon Highlanders, 16th May 1917

and not on the village memorial, but the husband of Mary Broadfoot, Castle, New Cumnock

Pte John Broadfoot, 273083, 11th Royal Scots, 9th April 1917

As you can see, all there is room for is a surname and initial.

Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais

The crosses in the foreground are those of French soldiers
241272 Private
H Peden
Royal Scots Fusiliers
27th August 1918 Age 36

Bac Du Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval

55474 Private
D Breckenridge
Highland Light Infantry
2nd June 1918 Age 19


Until We Know
Even As We Are Known
Good Night

Bois Carre British Cemetery, Thelus

82179 Private
D Barr
49th Bn. Canadian Inf.
9th April 1917

Buzancy Military Cemetery
The pictures at Buzancy were taken by Mr Kenneth Macdonald, Glasgow, while visiting the grave of his great uncle, Pte W MacDonald below.

41507 Private

W MacDonald

K O Scottish Borderers

23rd July 1918


The plaque at the top is an engraving of a thistle and the lettering beneath reads


which in translation reads

The Glorious Scottish Thistle
will always flower here
among the Roses of France

This monument was built by the17th French Div during July 1918 to commemorate the soldiers of the 15th (Scottish) Div. who along with the 34th Div attacked Buzancy on the 23rd of July and took it on the 28th.

The story behind the postcard can be seen at

Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, Pas de Calais

6942 Corporal
J Nisbet
Royal Scots Fusiliers
9th April 1917 Age 24

Until The Day Break
And The Shadows Fly Away


Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville St. Vaast

11349 Guardsman
A Hart
Scots Guards
25th January 1915 Age 21

Love Never Dies
Mother Brother and Sisters

20088 Private
W McDonald
Royal Scots Fusiliers
23rd April 1917

Chapelle British Cemetery, Holnon, Aisne

14886 Private
J T Knox
Royal Scots Fusiliers
22nd March 1918

Courcelette British Cemetery, Somme

163 Private
A Stephens
28th Bn. Australian Inf.
29th July 1916

Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Somme

Can you see the saltire in the sky?

8404 Corporal
J K Robertson MM
Cameron Highlanders
4th September 1916 Age 27

He Died That We Might Live

Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval

S/6740 Private
A Morrison
The Black Watch
5th September 1916

Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz

Photo by David McDonald, Netherthird

Believed To Be Buried
In This Cemetery


A Sturrock
Royal Scots Fusiliers
14th July 1916 Age 21


Their Glory Shall Not
Be Blotted Out

In his commemoration, Lieut. Sturrock's parents commissioned a communion set for the Arthur Memorial United Free Church in New Cumnock.
After leaving New Cumnock school, Lt. Sturrock attended Kilmarnock Academy and he is also remembered on the memorial there.

Foncquevillers Military Cemetery

43228 Private
G Rogerson
The Cameronians (Sco. Rif.)
22nd September 1916 Age 21

Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension

75249 Corporal
R Paterson
29th Bn Canadian Inf
6th April 1918

Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, Pas de Calais

2248 Private
W A Pithie
9th (GH) Bn. Highland Light Inf
10th February 1915 Age 26

Although he is not mentioned on the village war memorial, Pte William Allan Pithie's record shows him as the son of James and Marion Smith Pithie of New Cumnock. Interestingly, his death is mentioned on page 74 of "Come On Highlanders" by Alec Weir.

Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy

17152 Private
J Gracie
Royal Scots Fusiliers
20th November 1915

Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais
Commemorated on Panels 3 and 4 is 10316 Pte Robert Martin 1st Scots Guards who died on the 8th January 1915

Lillers Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais

A Communal Cemetery is one where ground at the local cemetery has been used to bury soldiers who died in hospitals or Casualty Clearing Centres. This is evident above.

16865 Private
G N McDonald
Cameron Highlanders
13th March 1916

Thy Will Be Done

Interestingly, Pte MacDonald lies beside a VC winner - 6707 Corp. W R Cotter of the East Kent Reg. (The Buffs) who died on the 14th March 1916 after an action at the Hohenzollern Redoubt near Loos

Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery

3997 Lance Cpl
J Connelly
Seaforth Highlanders
31st July 1918

There are quite a few instances in this cemetery of graves "shoulder to shoulder" and two in a lair.

Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuile, Somme

Lonsdale Cemetery
To the Thiepval Memorial

Walter Murphy Served As
14554 Private
W Scott
Highland Light Infantry
1st July 1916

Beloved By All
Father, Mother
Sister & Brothers

Loos Memorial (Dud Corner),

The names of the missing are carved on the tablets on the walls surrounding the cemetery. The New Cumnock men who are remembered were all from the 9th Black Watch and lost on the 25th September 1915 as was Pte David Ferguson who is buried at Philosophe.

S/4557 Pte Nisbet C Gray
S/4549 Pte James Irving
S/4078 Pte Hugh MacDonald

Louverval Memorial, Cambrai

20 NOV - 3 DEC 1917

(Photos by David McDonald, Netherthird)

Pte. George Rowan, S/41186, 6th Gordon Highlanders, 23rd November 1917

Although not on the village war memorial, Pte. Rowan is also remembered on his sister's stone in the Afton Road cemetery.

Meaulte Military Cemetery, Somme

S/12499 Private
W Graham
Gordon Highlanders
19th March 1916

Moeuvres British Cemetery

Photos above and below by David McDonald, Netherthird
271201 Private
H Samson
4th Bn Royal Scots
Queen's Edinburgh Rifles
27th September 1918

Philosophe British Cemetery, Pas de Calais

S/4550 Private
D Ferguson
The Black Watch
25th September 1915 Age 22

Until The Day Break
And The Shadows Flee Away

Pozieres Memorial and British Cemetery

Photo by Mrs Eliz. Bain

The names on the Pozieres Memorial to the Missing are carved on the tablets in the bays of the four walls surrounding the Cemetery. From New Cumnock are

Private John Mair, 37552, 18th Highland Light Infantry, 25th March 1918
Private William G Tweedie, 273096, 11th Royal Scots, 22nd - 25th March 1918

and from the Bank School Memorial

Lance Corp. David McSephney, 34947, 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, 26th March 1918

Puchvillers British Cemetery, Somme

4554 Corporal
J Ward
Royal Highlanders
15th August 1916

He died for those
He held most dear
He died to save
The world from fear

Sailly- Labourse Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais

40089 Gunner
W A Warren
Royal Field Artillery
26th April 1916 Age 28

At Rest

William Arthur Warren's name is not on the village war memorial although the name Harry Warren appears (a possible mistake?). Gnr W A Warren is remembered on the Peden family stone in the Afton Rd Cemetery along with his brother in law, Hugh Peden,who is buried at Aubigny .

St Hilaire Cemetery Extension, Frevent

128434 Private
George Sloan Brown
Machine Gun Corps
20th June 1918

Though Lost To Sight
To Memory Ever Dear

At Rest

St Pol Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais

Second Lieutenant
J Jarvie
K.O. Scottish Borderers
17th April 1917 Age 30

Omnia Vincit Amor

Second Lieutenant John Jarvie is not on the village war memorial but is remembered on the Bank School Memorial

Tank Cemetery, Guemappe, Pas de Calais

Pte. William Sharp, 35985,10th. Loyal North Lancs., Regt., 11th April 1917
(Photos courtesy of Mr. David McDonald, Netherthird)

Thiepval Memorial, Somme

Photo by Mrs Eliz. Bain
Photo by David McDonald, Netherthird

Remembered on the memorial tablets (the huge grey blocks) are

Pte William Bell, 5651, 69th Coy., Machine Gun Corps., 8th October 1916
Pte Patrick Burns, 20089, 6th/7th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 12th August 1916
Pte John Hamilton, 20044, 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, 30th July 1916
Pte William Hill, 13631, 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, 30th July 1916
Pte George Millar, S/21908, 7th Cameron Highlanders, 31st August 1916
Pte George McKerrow, S/12232, 9th Black Watch, 8th September 1916
Serjt. James McMillan DCM, 7661, 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1st July 1916
Pte John Park, 4917, 9th Highland Light Infantry, 15th July 1916
Pte Robert Roger, 275995, 6th Royal Scots attd. 5th/6th Cameronians 22nd August 1916
Pte William Sharp, 4934, 9th Highland Light Infantry, 15th July 1916
Pte James Ward, S/11340, 8th Black Watch, 15th July 1916

Both Ptes. William Sharp and John Park were killed in the action at High Wood. The cairn shown below commemorates the 9th HLI who were involved in the attack. Pte James Ward of the 8th Black Watch was also killed in this action.

The Cross in the middle of the cairn was placed by David McDonald in
June 2005 in remembrance of Pte William Sharp.

Flowers at Thiepval by Mrs Eliz. Bain
Identical names were differentiated by number

Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery, Somme

36780 Private
S Park
Highland Light Infantry
25th August 1917 Age 32

Dear Daddy
We Always Think Of You
And Daddy We Often Call

Although not remembered on any of the village war memorials, Pte. Park's army records state that he was born in New Cumnock in 1885

Vimy Memorial

Remembered on this memorial is
Private Alex. Sloan, 100942, 49th Bn., Canadian Inf., Alberta Regt., 9th October 1916

Vis en Artois Memorial, Pas De Calais

Remembered on the wall of the Memorial are
Private Robert Rodger,52271, 7th Royal Scots, 21st September 1918
Private James Stevenson, 19989, 1st/5th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 26thAugust 1918

Wancourt British Cemetery

The view is to Tank Cemy. which is the copse in the right middle distance just below the horizon
240931 Private
W Sloan
Royal Scots Fusiliers
26th August 1918
55900 Private
R Stewart
Highland Light Infantry
24th August 1918 Age 19

Warloy Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension

L/10378 Driver
R Clapperton
Royal Field Artillery
9th April 1918 Age 26


A Silent Thought
A Secret Tear
To Keep Our Memories
Forever Dear



Menin Gate, Ypres / Ieper


Corp. John Hose, 34860, RSF, 31st July 1917
Pte. James Leckie, S/7259, Gordon Highlanders, 14th December 1914
Sgt. John D Melvin, S/6557, Black Watch 31st July 1917
Sapper George Muir, 5578, 1st Co. Australian Tunnelling Corps., 20th September 1917
Pte. John McGilvery, S/12498, Gordon Highlanders, 3rd July 1917

and from the Bank School Memorial

Pte Maitland Crolley, 8559, Cameron Highlanders, 23rd April 1915


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