World War 1

Private Andrew Buchanan was captured and sent to a POW camp at Szczypiorno near Kalisze in what is now Poland but at the time was in West Prussia. He died and was buried in the camp. Sadly his grave was lost but, along with others who shared the same fate, he is remembered at the Szczypiorno POW Memorial in Poznan

While attending a family wedding in Lodz, Poland, I tried to get to Poznan to see Private Buchanan's memorial. However the travelling presented too great a problem and I was forced to shelve the idea. Luckily, I met Mr. L P Beaven, from Telford, in the Hotel Ibis, Lodz where we were staying and as he was going to Poznan on business, he agreed to take some photos in the Old Garrison Cemetery. I am deeply indebted to him for the following photographs.

The Szczypiorno Memorial stones can be seen at the rear of the photograph below, right.

Private Buchanan's memorial stone is fifth from the left in the front row

132124 Private
A Buchanan
Machine Gun Corps (Inf)
19th August 1918

Buried in the same cemetery are those POWs from Stalagluft III (Sagan) who were executed on Hitler's orders after the daring escape immortalised in "The Great Escape". The photograph below is of the grave of Squadron Leader R J Bushell, the mastermind of the escape. He was known as "Big X" and was played in the film by Sir Richard Attenborough

Squadron Leader
R J Bushell
(of South Africa)
Royal Air Force
Auxiliary Air Force

29th March 1944 Age 33

A leader of men
He achieved much
Loved England
And served her to the end


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